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Threat Intelligence

You can’t defend against what you can’t see, and even knowing where to look when it comes to online threats can be a monumental challenge, so we have developed solutions which enable our clients to get clear visibility to dark web-based threats easily and safely.

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Using years of experience in the collection and analysis of Threat Intelligence Data, Crossword Cybersecurity have applied that knowledge and science to develop Trillion.


Trillion is an integrated web application which is used by organisations and service providers around the world to empower security teams with the access and ability needed to investigate cybercrime data which is hard to reach.

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Breach provides organisations with the power to get alerts and perform mitigating actions securely and safely against the vast quantities of breached user credentials currently in circulation.

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HarVista is your search engine for the dark web. If you want to know if your company is being talked about, or key personnel are being targeted, HarVista gives you the power hunt out the information you need quickly and safely.

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Arc is an API based service which securely enables you to check in real-time during the authentication process if a username and password pair has been leaked in a breach. Using industry trusted cryptographic techniques Arc seamlessly enhances authentication confidence.

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