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Crossword has a portfolio of software solutions that focus on cybersecurity strategy and risk, supply chain cyber, threat detection and response, and digital identity. 

Rizikon Assurance helps organisations take control of supplier assurance and supply chain risk management

  • Secure online questionnaires in your own branded portal

  • Audit trails on all answers

  • 360 degree supplier scorecards

  • Dashboard of the risk across all suppliers and a host of other features

  • Use our standard cybersecurity, GDPR, modern slavery, general on-boarding, anti-bribery & corruption, Covid-19, national minimum wage, and equality & diversity questionnaires or create your own using our question-set editor

  • Creditsafe integration

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Identiproof enhances the security and privacy of your digital credentials 

 Using  the W3C standard  for Verifiable Credentials and advanced cryptography, Identiproof makes it easier than ever to create, manage and authenticate identities online, reducing the risk of fraud and identity theft, while ensuring that the individual’s privacy is protected.


Products in development

 Additionally, we are conducting research and looking at product ideas in several other areas of cyber security and risk. 

Business Brainstorming


Our product teams in London and Krakow, our growing client base and consulting team, and our many University partners give us the unbeatable combination of fundamental research, product innovation and practical experience.


Ken Fraser,

Rizikon Assurance Product Manager

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