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Account protection for B2C commerce platform owners

Arc is a service which enables your customer facing authentication services to query in real time for access attempts using username and password pairs already known to criminals - so you can instantly step in and avoid losses.

“Validate customer credential pairs against databases of known leaked usernames/passwords”

– Federal Bureau Of Investigations, Cyber Division -​

When it comes to building applications intended for external users high levels of security need to be included. But it can be a delicate balance between implementing robust security controls and damaging the user experience.

Traditional security controls designed for enterprises, like two factor authentication often aren’t a good fit for consumers.  Your users want to be able to get access to your services quickly and without fuss.  Any friction added to a user's journey risks losing you valuable subscribers or worse – revenue.

The reality is however that one of the biggest vulnerabilities to consumer applications is the consumer themselves and specifically their password behaviour.

End users often just don’t understand the risks associated with weak password choices, or that using the same password across multiple applications introduces a security risk to your online service.  More importantly many don’t really care.

Poor user password hygiene across internet applications remains a top security threat to application owners, so Arc has been developed specifically to minimise that threat with zero impact on your users’ authentication experience.​


Disarm and defuse credential stuffing attacks


Real-time credential checks

Instantly check your subscriber logins and signups against billions of already leaked user credentials from 3rd party data breaches


No MFA required

No requirement for your existing or future subscribers to interact with SMS or 2FA tokens which could result in user drop off or costly deployment


Zero user friction

Improve B2C authentication security and reduce fraud attempts on your public facing applications with zero additional user friction


Secure and private

Complete security and privacy of checked user credentials using known and trusted existing cryptographic algorithms


Flexible configurations

Supports username and password pair, email and password pair, or just password leak checking


Lightening speed

Sub-second check and respond APIs ensure rapid risk decisions can be made

When it comes to protecting consumer data, or any data for that matter, it’s vital that the information you’re trying to protect doesn’t get passed to third parties unnecessarily.

The more your data is distributed the more it’s likely to be leaked so Arc has been designed specifically to be able to provide absolute assurance of the presence of leaked credentials against our indexes without ever needing to know the specifics of the data your checking for.

Ultra high performance data lakes store hashed and encrypted candidates of the credentials you might be interested in, while industry trusted cryptograpic anonymity schemes are used to ensure complete confidentiality of your applications queries.

Arc receives, looks up and checks for any ‘possible’ matches of your username and password pairs and returns them from billions of potential candidates with sub second response times, allowing you to make rapid decisions about the risks to your customer accounts.

Learn more about Arc:

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