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Who we are and what we do

At Crossword Cybersecurity, our core goal is to solve the biggest cybersecurity challenges without adding any complexity. We work to unburden information security and IT leaders with the most effort intensive tasks through simple, smart, and innovative products and services to allow them to work on what matters the most.

While we have been operating with this vision since 2014, our story and core values were shaped by those working tirelessly at Bletchley Park at the outbreak of the second world war in 1939.


In 1938, a team of Polish mathematicians had started working in collaboration with the UK, and even built a code breaking machine to decipher the intercepted Enigma messages from the Germans. However, by early 1940 the way these messages had been encrypted changed, rendering this machine useless. However, the team at Bletchley Park, led by Alan Turing, had developed a much more sophisticated machine that, at the height of the war, was decoding more than 84,000 messages a month. Turing is now widely regarded as the grandfather of the computer and AI, paving the way for modern technology we see today.


This team of incredibly smart people were able to solve the most complex problems, which ultimately led to winning the war, were all recruited through completing the same task in a newspaper - a crossword.


Today, while Crossword Cybersecurity doesn't recruit teams through puzzles in newspapers, our teams each hold the same core values of solving some of the most complex cybersecurity problems in order to ensure they can meet the demands of their organisation. 


We recognise that while technology has moved on at an exponential rate since the 1940s, the core principles that guide it have not ultimately changed. Technology should always solve a problem and make users' lives easier. Solving those core problems to create the biggest impact, without the added complexity.​​

With our vision firmly rooted in helping guide our clients simply through the complexities of the cybersecurity landscape, our main focus areas include:

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Supply Chain Cybersecurity

The supply chain is usually one of the first areas an attacker will target, and organisations are struggling to adequately manage the cybersecurity risks across their supply chain.

Through our Supply Chain Cybersecurity practice we provide an end-to-end solution of cyber and regulatory expertise, managed services, and Saas platforms, in order to protect and mitigate third party risk in the supply chain.​

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Assurance & Managed Services

Many companies often need external support in improving their cyber maturity and we have an end to end consulting team, cyber software products and Manages Services which can.

Managed Services and Incident Response:

  • we monitor your network and infrastructure for suspicious behaviour and provide early warning of any attacks

  • our Cybersecurity consulting team provide end-to-end consulting services from GRC Consulting, security Architecture and Engineering to Penetration testing

  • dark web monitoring – we monitor the dark web for stolen emails and passwords, and suspicious activity about your company through Trillion

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 Cybersecurity is an ‘Arms race,’ with hackers using technology innovation to adapt and refine their attacks.

  • CISOs and Cybersecurity professionals are often so focussed on the day to day business of managing their cybersecurity risks, that they struggle to find the time to look at emerging risks in two, three and four years time.

  • Crossword’s links to University research and our track record of acquiring companies with innovative technology help you address this gap and we can help you find new and emerging technology that solves some of the more strategic issues.

Company Values



We adapt to changing needs and empower our employees with the trust and autonomy they need to deliver high quality work.



We promote a continuous learning culture and believe that knowledge and competence drives performance and growth of the individual and organisation.



We take the ownership to demonstrate a high standard of work as we are personally responsible for the work we deliver.  



We encourage openness between all employees and with clients. We are inclusive, adaptive, collaborative, and committed to accepting people from diverse backgrounds.

Crossword values people and their expertise. That’s why our teams consist of the most skilled specialists.

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