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Who we are and what we do

Crossword’s vision is to partner with organisations to keep them secure in the digital world. We offer a range of cybersecurity solutions to help companies understand and reduce cybersecurity risk. 


We do this through a combination of people, process and technology, in the form of an experienced consulting team, managed services and SaaS products. We work closely with UK universities and our products and services are often powered by academic research-driven insights.


Crossword’s areas of emphasis are cybersecurity strategy and risk, supply chain cyber, threat detection and response, and digital identity and our aim is to continue to build up a portfolio of cybersecurity products and services in these four areas. 


Cybersecurity strategy and risk 

We offer cyber maturity assessments, cybersecurity process and policy development, industry certifications, and virtual chief information security officer (vCISO) managed services to help companies build a robust cybersecurity strategy.


Supply chain cyber 

Our end-to-end supply chain cyber standard operating model (SCC SOM) is supported by our SaaS platform, Rizikon Assurance, and includes optional services such as cost-effective cyber audits, security testing and complete managed services for effective supply chain cyber risk management. 


Threat detection and response 

Services include our Nightingale AI-based network threat monitoring, our Trillion and Arc breached credentials tracking solution and incident response. 


Digital identity 

Our work in digital identity is based on the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) verifiable credentials standard and our current product, Identiproof, enables secure digital verification of individuals to prevent fraud. 

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Company Values

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We adapt to changing needs and empower our employees with the trust and autonomy they need to deliver high quality work.

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We promote a continuous learning culture and believe that knowledge and competence drives performance and growth of the individual and organisation.

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We take the ownership to demonstrate a high standard of work as we are personally responsible for the work we deliver.  

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We encourage openness between all employees and with clients. We are inclusive, adaptive, collaborative, and committed to accepting people from diverse backgrounds.

Crossword values people and their expertise. That’s why our teams consist of the most skilled specialists.

Our locations


Waterloo, UK


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Kraków, Poland

Development Team



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