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Cyber Transformation Projects

Effective cyber transformation involves more than just implementing technology. It’s about managing the uncertainty resulting from change to your people, processes, and technology. Crossword’s prioritised, tailored, risk-based approach enables organisations to transform

with confidence, capitalising on the benefits of change while managing the risks.


Key features of Crossword's Cyber Transformation approach:

Tailored Cyber Transformation Programme

A prioritised, scalable and flexible approach to cyber transformation which adapts to your specific drivers and constraints. This will ensure a rate of change that is adapted to your capacity to absorb and embed changes to your people, processes, and technology.

Effective Change Management

Acknowledging that adoption is the key to sustainable change, we walk through the journey with your organisation to generate buy-in from your stakeholders so that improvements become embedded.

An Experienced Team of Experts

Leverage our broad experience working with SMEs, from tech start-ups to global manufacturers to address cyber risk, combined with our specific expertise managing complex cyber transformation programmes in SMEs and global Organisations.

Alignment to Industry Standards

A standards-based approach builds on a foundation of best practice, with a view to compliance and certification objectives.

Benefits of a Cyber Transformation programme with Crossword

Customised to your goals

A cyber transformation programme with realistic, achievable outcomes that are aligned to your strategic business objectives.

Expert guidance

Work alongside a trusted partner with experience in planning, managing, delivering, advising, and supporting all aspects of cyber transformation in your industry.

Ongoing project support

Assistance in delivering an enhanced organisational cyber risk posture, enabling you to meet evolving threats by embedding the change so that improvements become business-as-usual.

Become certified

Externally demonstrable cyber security capabilities, with the option of an array of cyber security certifications.

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