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Cyber Maturity Assessment

Why conduct a Cyber Maturity Assessment?

A Cyber Maturity Assessment is the baseline measurement of how resilient your organisation is protected against an attack. An assessment usually takes place to uncover any gaps in your cybersecurity resilience, allowing you to identify, access and navigate a pathway to actively reduce risk and improve operational resilience.

With cyber attacks becoming more sophisticated in both scale and implementation, it is important to fully understand your risk profile. Crossword’s expert consulting team will carry out a comprehensive risk assessment of your organisation against leading national cyber standards and accreditations such as ISO27001, NIST,  IASME Cyber Assurance, Cyber Essentials, along with several others.


Key features of a Cyber Maturity Assessment with Crossword:

Gap Analysis 

Determine your organisation's overall state of cyber resiliency by benchmarking against industry cyber security standards or peers. A workshop or series of interviews enable exploration into all areas of your cyber security operations. 

Reporting and Recommendations 

Reporting will be aligned and mapped against cyber practices from a recognised cybersecurity framework, with prioritised and actionable recommendations for cyber improvements for increased resilience. 

Risk Assessment 

You will be provided with a comprehensive risk-based view of your organisation’s cyber security posture, by identifying, analysing, and evaluating the risks that you face. We will assist you and ensure that the cyber security controls you choose are appropriate to the risks your organisation faces, and gain an understanding of the risks arising from any identified gaps. 

Clear next steps and actions

Once the report and recommendations have been delivered, clear, prioritised and pragmatic advice and actions, will be used as the basis of a cyber security, implementation or transformation plan. 

Benefits of a Cyber Maturity Assessment with Crossword:

Identify and prioritise risk

Identify and understand the vulnerabilities, risks, and threats you face, enabling you to prioritise areas of remediation for your organisation.

Remain compliant with industry regulations

Recommendations and remediation based on the assessment in line with industry recognised cyber standards, e.g. Cyber Essentials, IASME, ISO 27001 & NIST among others.

Flexible approach

Evaluate the level of cyber maturity on a site-by-site basis or at a company level. 

Guided continuous improvement

Understand your current security resiliency and how to improve it effectively and efficiently with enhanced guidance and advice.

Contact us to discuss your Cyber Maturity Assessment cybersecurity requirements

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