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Careers at Crossword Cybersecurity

At Crossword we value the people and we believe our greatest strength is a good team of experts. Join us and work in one of the fastest-growing security expert teams.

Our culture

Our culture is that distinct differentiator which drives our decisions and actions. We are energetic, agile and passionate about the quality of work we deliver. We encourage responsibility early in the lifecycle of an employee’s career, along with which comes valuable learning. We make sure we have fun while doing our work and look out for each other by being open, transparent and flexible to adapt to each other's needs and the needs of our customers and stakeholders. The Board is committed to promoting a strong ethical and values driven culture throughout the Company and has a people- oriented ethos where hard-work and commitment is recognised.

Why work with Crossword?

The benefit of experience

The make-up of our team gives us something unique to offer. It’s rare to find such richness of leadership experience in a small organisation and the advantage of our size is that our leadership team are present, accessible and engaged with the whole team. You will get to know them well and our staff tell us time and time again that they find this level of exposure invaluable in developing their own knowledge and business acumen.

Company values

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We adapt to changing needs and empower our employees with the trust and autonomy they need to deliver high quality work

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We promote continuous learning culture and believe that knowledge and competence drives performance and growth of the individual and organisation

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We take the ownership to demonstrate a high standard of work as we are personally responsible for the work we deliver

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We encourage openness between all employees and with clients, we are inclusive adaptive collaborative, and committed to accepting people from diverse backgrounds

More reasons to join us

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Leadership support

Asking for help and support is celebrated and highly encouraged at Crossword. The support can be available in the form of Mentoring, knowledge sharing and we also have a ‘Buddy system’ for new starters. The Executive team is committed to their team’s professional development.

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Great working environment

We strive to better the employee experience by providing proper work equipment and also through workplace engagement surveys which encourage open communication and feedback. Our offices are modern and equipped with kitchen and shower facilities, coffee machines and break out spaces.

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Inclusivity & Diversity

Our collective strength is in our individual uniqueness and the range of experiences we can bring to the table. When we recruit, we don’t look for a ‘Culture fit’, to fit any specific  but rather what the person brings , but Our culture is extremely collaborative and adapts to cater to the needs of our biggest asset – our people!

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Work-life balance

We are focused on what you achieve at work, not how long you spend in the office. We believe in being agile and adapt to work around employees’ commitments and working styles. We prioritise our employees’ mental wellbeing above everything else. All employees are encouraged to take timely breaks to spend time doing what they love and pursue their recreations.

Some of the initiatives which highlight the elements of our culture are as follows:

Employee Engagement through our Corporate Social Responsibility initiative drives a common goal and brings employees together for a higher purpose. We have partnered with SPEAR, a local charity in Richmond to raise funds and help the homeless. Our Krakow office employees carry out philanthropic initiatives every year to help the disadvantaged and needy

We also have other interesting employee engagement events like our company away days, social events like playing table tennis, watching Rugby matches in the office, pizza evenings, international lunch days, etc.

Excellent communication channels like Slack, Google Meet, virtual fortnightly coffee mornings allow for an easy flow of communication

Flexible and Family friendly policies which enable an envious work environment.

Open recognition initiatives as well as a 5 year Long Service Award to acknowledge hard work and commitment to the business.


Although I’ve worked at Crossword Cybersecurity for less than 1 year, I’ve had the opportunity to co-lead on a project bid proposal, represent the company by assisting the National Cyber Security Centre on a project and learn new technical skills. My decision to join Crossword Cybersecurity was motivated by my desire to add scope, development and a new challenge in my career; to which Crossword Cybersecurity has exceeded my expectations. 


I love the culture, flexibility and opportunities that comes with my career at Crossword Cybersecurity. Crossword Cybersecurity believes in the value of learning and this shows in their commitment to provide training and to provide new work opportunities. In addition, they care about each individual and are dedicated to seeing employees grow at Crossword Cybersecurity and beyond. One example of this occurred within my first week of starting. During my first week, I was scheduled to meet with the Finance Director as a way of introducing me to the leadership team. Instead of a typical or trivial meeting, we went for a long walk outside and we discussed my career and my goals within the company. It is the first time I’ve seen a leadership team that makes an effort to know you and develop you. This is especially important to me as prior to joining the company I was working in a completely different industry.  Crossword Cybersecurity not only supported me in this change to a new industry but also celebrated the different perspectives I provide to my team. 


I believe every employee will affirm this; Crossword Cybersecurity is an exceptional company that truly cares.

Omolola Adeyemi

Technical Product Associate

Fresh out of university, I bounced from role to role and struggled to find a strong foothold into working life due to my lack of professional experience. Crossword took a chance and offered me an opportunity to demonstrate my strengths and abilities.


This is a company where Management cares about their employees - embodied by the flexible and results driven culture - which has supported me personally and enabled me to develop and refine my skills, whilst growing professionally as a Consultant.

Laurence Lui

Senior Consultant, CIS LI

Our Offices

Our locations


Waterloo, UK


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Kraków, Poland

Development Team

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