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Identiproof is an easy to implement, fully secure and privacy protecting verifiable credentials Middleware from a co-author of the W3C Recommendation.

What problem does Identiproof solve? 

Whether they be IDs, educational qualifications, insurance certificates or Covid-19 vaccine documentation, organisations and individuals alike rely on credentials to establish aspects of their identity. However, most of these can be easily forged or misrepresented, expensive to create and difficult to verify. 

What are Verifiable Credentials? 

Identiproof is based on the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standard for verifiable credentials, co-authored by Crossword’s own Professor David Chadwick.This operates under the verifiable credential trust triangle:

verifiable credentials graphic

Verifiable credential trust triangle 

Verifiable Credentials use cryptographic protocols to create tamperproof, digital credentials issued by a trusted authority which can be verified by anyone that the holder presents them to - all without compromising privacy. 

Learn more about the W3C Verifiable Credentials standard:  
Verifiable Credentials Data Model 1.0 (

How can Identiproof benefit you?


Issue forgery proof digital credentials

trust icon

Underlying trust framework makes verification easy

privacy icon

Privacy by design - Make privacy a priority

automate icon

Automate cumbersome workflows 

What are the main features of Identiproof? 

Identiproof provides easily implementable Verifiable Credential Middleware consisting of three simple to use APIs that can integrate with your existing business applications, regardless of the protocol it uses. 

Learn more about Identiproof and Verifiable Credentials, and how they can add value to your business:

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