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It is vital that leading edge British cyber security research has real world impact.

Professor Siraj Shaikh,

Coventry University and Director of CyberOwl

Crossword Cybersecurity works closely with academia, tech accelerators  and academic start-ups to ensure new cybersecurity and third party risk management knowledge is incorporated into our products and services.

Whether it is industry-academia collaboration around a grant, working with academic start-ups, or co-creation of spin-offs, we’ve worked with, supported, and mentored over 50 British and European universities in their efforts to build value from their cyber security & risk knowledge.

We have a flexible way of working because each project is different.

Here are some of our stories from the last six years:



Crossword publishes analysis of over 1000 University cyber research projects



Crossword joins Verifiable Credentials Ltd (a University of Kent spin-off) and East Kent NHS Trust to work on Covid Certificates



Crossword licenses IP from City, University of London to create Rizikon




Crossword works with Warwick University to create BESDS prototype for MOD


Crossword works with Imperial College on machine-learning technology in Nixer


Crossword and the University of Glasgow agree to work together on new Privacy Governance Product


If you are at an academic institution or recent academic start-up involved in knowledge transfer or commercialisation in the areas of cyber security and risk, we would love to hear your story and maybe we can help? If you are involved in cybersecurity or risk research and want to learn more about how Crossword can work with you, please contact us.

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