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Supply Chain Cyber

Organisations in every sector are under mounting financial, reputational and regulatory pressure to take control of cybersecurity risks, and internally focussed solutions are not enough.

Supply Chain Cyber - an end-to-end approach

Crossword provides an end-to-end approach to supply chain cybersecurity to help organisations massively reduce the risk of direct cyber-attacks and threats via connected & embedded third parties.


Our first line of defence is a supply chain cyber standard operating model (SCC SOM) specifically designed to meet an organisation’s cybersecurity framework and supply chain resilience obligations. The SCC SOM provides a cost-effective set of controls, processes and tools, along with a range of services, to reduce and manage cybersecurity risks.


The SOM is supported by Rizikon Assurance, our SaaS platform used by supplier management and cybersecurity teams and across the wider organisation to underpin the controls, tools and data needed to reduce supply chain cyber risk.

Crossword’s Supply Chain Cyber standard operating model includes:​

A comprehensive and flexible supply chain cybersecurity standard operating model that can meet the needs of any industry.

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Cost-effective supplier cyber audits and security testing

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A team of cybersecurity industry experts, dedicated to defining and delivering risk management best practice

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Consulting services such as supply chain cyber benchmarking, maturity assessments and advisory consulting and training


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Rizikon Assurance - an automated, SaaS-based platform for managing supply chain cyber assurance, compliance and risk strategy, policy and operations

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Complete managed services for supply chain cyber assurance, compliance & risk management

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