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Supply Chain Cyber

Organisations in every sector are under mounting financial, reputational and regulatory pressure to take control of cybersecurity risks, and internally focussed solutions are not enough.

Supply Chain Cyber practice

At Crossword, we’ve built a Supply Chain Cyber practice with a unique blend of cross-industry expertise across global supply chain risk, managed services, and software solutions. Whether you’re looking for an end to end, fully managed solution, or looking to utilise individual products, we can help you take control of your supply chain cyber risk.


▪ Increasing regulatory requirements

▪ Organisational strategy mandates improvement

▪ Standards certification programmes include SSC

▪ Concerns about supply chain cyber attacks

We can help in the following ways


Maturity Assessment

Understanding your current level of maturity is critical to the success of any supply chain assurance program. We will benchmark against industry best practice to help you establish a roadmap to maturity and build a business case demonstrating the value of the target maturity model.


Strategy and Framework

We provide support with all aspects of framework, policy and process design and implementation. Our multi-disciplinary approach ensures alignment with your business strategy, regulatory and contractual requirements, while helping you engage key stakeholders

across the business.


Supplier Discovery

Cyber supply chains are often complex, with responsibilities and information spread across multiple departments. We will reconcile different sources of information to create a categorised supply chain inventory, apply risk-tiering methodology to identify the key risks and provide actionable prioritised next steps.


Ongoing Assurance & Monitoring

We plan and coordinate your cyber assurance program, including conducting independent offsite and onsite assessment of suppliers, post-assessment reporting, and tracking remediation actions.


Real-time Reporting

Our Rizikon platform provides a single aggregated view of the key risks and trends across the cyber supply chain, enabling you to articulate the risk to business leaders and prioritise activities.

Our Standard Operating Model


Our work is underpinned by our supply chain cyber standard operating model (SCC SOM) which has been specifically designed to meet an organisation’s cybersecurity framework and supply chain resilience obligations. The SCC SOM provides a cost-effective set of controls, processes and tools, along with a range of services, to reduce and manage cybersecurity risks.


The SOM is supported by Rizikon Assurance, our SaaS platform used by supplier management and cybersecurity teams and across the wider organisation to underpin the controls, tools and data needed to reduce supply chain cyber risk.

Crossword’s Supply Chain Cyber practice benefits:​

Holistic overview of supply chain risks across your whole organisation. We provide both a top-level view of risks and the detail you need to make decisions

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Cost-effective, custom solutions to suit your unique business needs

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A team of cybersecurity industry experts, dedicated to defining and delivering risk management best practice

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Constant client- focus, from bringing the business on the journey with us, to making processes as user-friendly as possible


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Rizikon Assurance, a SSC platform developed in-house to streamline SSC process, reporting, and compliance

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Outsourced support and managed services for supply chain cyber assurance, compliance & risk management

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