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Security Monitoring

a comprehensive security monitoring service which brings together multiple facets and services to identify organisational assets, users, traffic, networks, endpoints, to mitigate the threats and vulnerabilities an organisation faces.

Cyber threats have expanded to include attempts to expose, alter, disable, destroy, steal, or gain unauthorised access to computer information systems, infrastructures, computer networks, or personal devices, or to target people to assume their identity or to adopt their credentials to commence a cyber-attack.


Identifying cyber threats as soon as possible is key in today’s threat landscape. Nightingale not only identifies your cyber threats, but understands which threats pose the greatest risk to your organisation.



Comprehensive cyber security as a service

Our Nightingale service is run through our security operations centre (SOC) where our security team of SOC engineers and analysts are responsible for monitoring and analysing your organisation’s security posture on an ongoing basis. Our The SOC engineers detect, identify, and analyse, potential anomalous behaviours that may trigger cyber security incidents utilising the numerous cyber services that combine to form Nightingale.


Nightingale Enterprise extends our monitoring service to include the full monitoring of your data and if required employees.  

Learn more about Nightingale Security Monitoring:

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