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Managed Security Monitoring

Comprehensive cyber security as a service

Our Nightingale service is run through our security operations centre (SOC) where our security team of SOC engineers and analysts are responsible for monitoring and analysing your organisation’s security posture on an ongoing basis. Our The SOC engineers detect, identify, and analyse, potential anomalous behaviours that may trigger cyber security incidents utilising the numerous cyber services that combine to form Nightingale managed security monitoring.

Understand the threat

Cyber attacks are predictable and avoidable. They do not just occur, there are always flaws that are exploited, whether that be technology, people or processes.

We identify the precursors that an attacker may be preparing or starting an attack; as well as flaws that are quicker, simpler and much less costly to remediate.

Identify the precursors

Our cyber team helps you mitigate threats before they can become incidents, reducing the time and resources spent on keeping yourself secure.


Benefits of Nightingale Managed Security Services:

Avoid threats becoming breaches

With proactive security monitoring which identifies the precursors to an potential cyber-attack and dictates the most effective preventative actions to take.

Reduce time and resource spent on cyber security

With practical and prioritised advice from a fully managed monitoring service without the cost and complexity of managing multiple enterprise grade tools.

Respond quickly and effectively to a cyber attack

Remediative support from a team of SOC analysts who know your systems and are fully versed real-world breach response and crisis management.

Gain assurance and demonstrate compliance

Through an independent monitoring service providing checks and balances over cyber controls, in alignment with regulatory requirements and industry frameworks.

Work with a cyber team you know and trust

Our service goes far beyond typical cyber security services,  and is supported by an expert cyber team who know you and your business. We work with you for the long-term, ensuring that your cyber security is fully tailored to you.

Nightingale: Unified Managed Service for your Cyber needs

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Learn more about Nightingale Security Monitoring:

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