Analyzing Data
  • Total number of Shares in Issue: 5,761,890 Ordinary Shares of £0.05 each

  • Percentage of Shares not in public hands: 27%

The ISIN Reference is GB00BPFJXS57.

There are no restrictions on the transfer of our AIM Securities.

The Share Information is correct as at: 16/02/2021.


The interests of the Directors and their immediate families, civil partners (as defined in the Civil Partnership Act 2004) and persons connected with them (within the meaning of sections 252 to 254 of the Act), all of which, unless otherwise stated, are beneficial as at 12/02/2021, are as follows:

(Thomas Ilube’s shareholding is made up of 1,325,581 shares held by him personally and 130,444 held by Share Nominees Limited on his behalf)


In addition to the above, the Directors are aware that the following Shareholders will be interested, directly or indirectly, in 3 per cent or more of the votes able to be cast at general meetings of the Company.


In addition, the Directors hold the following shares under option:

(1) Option Shares to vest in three equal tranches on the first, second and third anniversary of the date of grant.

  • Total number of share options granted to Directors: 114,580

  • Total number of share options granted to staff: 91,993

The amount and percentage of immediate dilution assuming full exercise of share options on conversion:

  • Existing share capital: 5,761,890

  • Total number of shares under option: 206,573

  • Total dilution: 206,573

  • Fully Diluted Share Capital: 5,968,463

  • Percentage of dilution: 3.59%


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