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Enhanced Authentication

We all understand the need for strong authentication, but sometimes implementing it can come at a cost. Adding friction to a user authentication process could be the difference between making a sale and losing a customer. MFA solves the issue of simple password spray attacks, but when you need to balance user experience with security and trust this can bring subtle additional considerations that are easily overlooked.

Crossword Cybersecurity have developed solutions which can increase authentication security processes while being transparent to the user, and capabilities which enable proof of wider credential holding, such as qualifications or licence records.


Arc is an API based service which securely enables you to check in real-time during the authentication process if a username and password pair has been leaked in a breach.  Using industry trusted cryptographic techniques Arc seamlessly enhances authentication confidence.

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IDs, educational qualifications and insurance certificates rely on credentials to establish aspects of their identity. However, most of these can be easily forged or misrepresented, expensive to create and difficult to verify.  Identiproof delivers a robust mechanism for verifying holder credentials.

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