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Penetration testing and vulnerability scanning

How does penetration testing work?

Penetration testing is a simulated real-world attack on a company’s infrastructure, networks, applications, and people and processes which actively attempts to identify and exploit vulnerabilities and weaknesses. 

Our penetration testing methodology, tools and techniques are accredited by the industry recognised certification body CREST. We simulate the hackers so you can know what they know by testing your defences. We do this by attempting to breach your systems and access your data, then inform you on how it can be done and what you can do to prevent it.

Using the most advanced vulnerability scanning tools and penetration testing techniques, we can test how robust your organisation is to external hackers.

We can carry out the following types of testing:


Vulnerability Scanning


  • Targets internal and/or Internet facing and/or web applications

  • Infrastructure and/or application testing

  • Testing conducted using automated techniques

Infrastructure Penetration Testing


  • Targets internal and/or internet   facing systems

  • Aims to obtain administrative or root access on key systems  

  • Attempts to access data in an unauthorized manner

  • Identifies critical vulnerabilities   affecting the target environment

Penetration testing structure

Web Application Penetration Testing


  • Targets web applications and hosting web server

  • Test focuses on vulnerabilities   within the application layer

  • OWASP Top 10

Other types of testing


  • Segregation testing and hosting web server

  • Web Services Penetration testing within the application layer

  • WiFi Penetration Testing

  • Build Review

  • Social Engineering


Penetration testing services with Crossword include the following key features:

Web Application Testing

Determine whether illegitimate users on the Internet are able to exploit any web applications and gain access to information, manipulate, or damage the web application. Periodic web application testing ensures that code changes, no matter how small, have not introduced vulnerabilities into the system.

Reporting and Remediation

Preparation and presentation of executive and technical reports identifying immediate remedial works and overall risk and exposure. Crossword will provide a series of action points and programme of next steps, remediation measures, and retesting.

Infrastructure Testing

Mimicking the steps taken by a potential real-world attacker, using the same tools and techniques, to test the security of your network and IT infrastructure. Gain assurance that your organisation’s security measures are robust and fit for purpose with a point in time view of the current security posture of the network and any weaknesses which may exist.

Ongoing support

If you require remediation measures and retesting, our expert team of consultants with be on hand to answer any questions, identify any next steps and take time to ensure how the next steps can help your organisation.

Contact us to discuss your penetration testing requirements

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