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How Crossword Cybersecurity worked with Coventry University to co-create CyberOwl Ltd

Our aim is to work with Universities in the UK to help them gain commercial value from their academic research by creating software businesses or by licensing commercial products and this is exactly what we achieved with Coventry University in helping them create CyberOwl Ltd. 

Image by Darya Tryfanava

How Crossword Cybersecurity worked with Coventry University to co-create CyberOwl Ltd

Crossword worked with the Academic founder, Professor Siraj Shaikh, to help identify & recruit their founding management team  of a CEO and CTO and engage with their founding investors, Mercia Asset Management.

Crossword then provided the fledgling company with office space in Richmond Surrey, and their core software development team from our office in Krakow, Poland. Over time, the new business grew, and found its own office space, built up an in-house development team and obtained additional investment.

Read more about the partnership with Crossword Cybersecurity on Coventry University’s web-site.

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About CyberOwl


CyberOwl builds on cutting-edge research that started its life at the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom and completed at Coventry University. The founding team combines decades of experience in developing, securing and operating large distributed systems. We are on a mission to leverage data and analytics to shift organisations towards an active cyber posture. Medulla, our first product, is the beginning of a suite of capabilities we will develop to achieve this mission.

It is vital that leading edge British cyber security research has real world impact.

Professor Siraj Shaikh,

Coventry University and Director of CyberOwl


If you are involved in Cyber Security or Risk research and want to learn more about how Crossword can work with you, please contact us.

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