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Crossword Cybersecurity in Oman

Crossword Cybersecurity LLC offers products and consultancy services focusing on cyber security and risk management in Oman and the wider Gulf region.



Cyber Security Services

We provide practical advice to help your organisation become more resilient to cyber attacks and align you to industry standards and your industry peers. We use leading scanning tools along with targeted testing to pinpoint where your vulnerabilities lie.


Rizikon Assurance is an online system that improves third-party assurance and risk management, through efficiency, automation and better visibility.


About Crossword Cybersecurity LLC Oman

Crossword Cybersecurity LLC is an Omani technology company with a range of products and Information technology services focused on cyber security and risk management. Crossword Cybersecurity LLC is a subsidiary of Crossword Cybersecurity PLC, in partnership with the Al Rawahy group. Through its UK parent company, Crossword Cybersecurity LLC is well positioned to leverage British and international cybersecurity expertise to bring a range of leading services and solutions to the region.


Be the exclusive third-party distributor of Crossword’s existing and future cyber security products, including Rizikon, the SaaS platform that enables medium to large companies to assess and manage all risks from their suppliers.  Crossword’s full range of cyber security services will also be made available– helping companies in the region improve their cyber security posture to achieve best practices with the latest solutions.


Leverage its experience in cyber security. Having clients from various sectors in the UK including defense, insurance, investment and retail banks, private equity, education, technology and manufacturing amongst others, Crossword Cybersecurity PLC is well suited to bringing the knowledge, experience and expertise gained over the years to Oman through Crossword Cybersecurity LLC.


Support the development of Omani talent in the area of cyber security in line with the Digital Transformation identified as a key priority for the Government of Oman as exemplified by the public services digital 2022 plan to digitalise 59 public services across different government institutions. Robust cyber security is key to the success of such initiatives and Crossword is excited to enter this rapidly developing market.

About Crossword Cybersecurity PLC, UK

Crossword Cybersecurity plc focuses on the development and commercialisation of university research-based cyber security and risk management related software and cyber security consulting. The Group’s specialist cyber security product development and software engineering teams work with its university partners to develop the research concept into a fully-fledged commercial product that it will then take to market. The Group’s aim is to build up a portfolio of revenue generating, intellectual property based, cyber security products. Rizikon Assurance, Crossword’s leading product, is a SaaS platform that enables medium to large companies to assess and manage all risks from their suppliers. Nixer CyberML, another Crossword product, is a new tool for businesses that want to solve advanced security and cybercrime problems, such as detecting and dealing with compromised accounts, fraud, and in-application denial of service attacks.


Identiproof, Crossword’s most recent product, is the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) verifiable credentials compatible middleware and wallet technology.  Crossword’s team of expert cyber security consultants leverages years of experience in national security, defence and commercial cyber intelligence and operations to provide bespoke advice tailored to its clients’ business needs, including threat monitoring.


Al -Rawahy Holdings LLC is a family-owned business, which began trading in 1971.  Over the last 49 years, it has grown to be one of the most respected companies in Oman, with investments in the Sultanate and overseas.  The Group has a diverse range of businesses and operates across all major sectors in Oman.  Drawing on areas of specific expertise and strength, the Group also runs businesses in the UAE and the UK.


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