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Cyber Security consulting services

We carry out a range of cyber security assessments and provide expert advice to enable your organisation become more resilient to cyber attacks, and aligned to industry standards in cyber security. We do this by utilising our threat detection platforms, along with targeted testing to pinpoint where your cyber vulnerabilities lie.

Crossword's experienced cybersecurity consultants come from top tier consultancies, large defence companies and elite military units.


The company’s experience working on cutting edge cybersecurity research alongside practical consulting experience, allows us to accurately assess and support our clients in improving their cybersecurity posture to current best practices with the latest solutions.


  • Cyber Maturity Assessment

  • Privacy Impact Assessments

  • Cyber Risk Assessments


  • Cyber Essentials


  • ISO27001:2013

  • GDPR Implementation


  • Virtual Security Operations Centre Services

  • Penetration and Vulnerability Assessments

  • Simulated Phishing Education Campaigns


  • Service and Business Continuity Management


  • Incident Response

  • Forensics Investigation

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