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Team Brainstorm

Meet our Consulting team

Our team of expert cyber security consultants leverage years of experience in national security, defence and commercial cyber intelligence and operations.

We provide the quality expected of a top tier Consulting house:

Highly Experienced Team

Bespoke Solutions

Clear Communication

Our consultants typically have over ten years of cyber security experience.

We leverage our diverse client base to provide a custom service that aligns with your overall business objectives.
Ensuring that the language we use can be understood by both specialists and non specialists.

Consultancy Leadership Team

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Group Managing Director

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Fresh out of university, I bounced from role to role and struggled to find a strong foothold into working life due to my lack of professional experience. Crossword took a chance and offered me an opportunity to demonstrate my strengths and abilities. This is a company where management cares about their employees - embodied by the flexible and results driven culture - which has supported me personally and enabled me to develop and refine my skills, whilst growing professionally as a consultant.

Laurence Lui

Senior Consultant, CIS LI

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