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Keep credentials protected with Trillion Breach 

Trillion is the breached account mining platform that continuously tracks, correlates and analyses billions of stolen usernames and passwords, hunting for digital identities that could belong to your customers.

Check your domain name with Trillion Breach

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Trillion helps mitigate the risk of stolen passwords on your business

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When this is taken into consideration along with how many passwords are used across a single organisation, and how the discovery of a
single password by an attacker could bypass IT security controls, the potential impact is obvious.

The question then becomes – “how likely is it that someone could find a password for one of my employees?” and the answer is just as

• Have you ever used the same password for more than one system on the internet?
• Could one of your employees have ever have used the same password for more than one system on the internet?
• Could one of those systems that you or your employees have ever used been compromised?

Commonly “yes” is the answer to all of these questions, and with billions of email addresses and passwords now in the hands of criminals
and new ones being stolen every day the chances are that username and password combinations used by your staff are in circulation on
criminal cyber markets right now.

Trillion Breach helps you mitigate that risk.

Trillion is your breach credentials monitoring partner


Massive scale

Trillion constantly monitors the billions of account credentials passing through dark markets and criminal forums, looking for the few hidden accounts that might affect your customers


Crowd co-operation

Trillion lets employees play their part in securing your customers by letting them help determine the validity of their own leaked information, and the potential impact it might have on your IT services


Intelligent analysis

Trillion does a lot more than just locate stolen credentials. Our intelligent risk engines identify which leaked usernames and passwords have the greatest potential to result in corporate damage


Inbuilt training

Get your analysts up to speed quickly and easily by following the inbuilt training videos included with Trillion


See what matters

Without the right tools monitoring breach data can be exhausting. That's why Trillion makes it easy to sort through it, by providing data filters and automatic live account detection


Secure by design

The management of business threats is perfectly balanced with the protection of user privacy, because security is at the heart of what we do. That makes us trusted by some of the worlds biggest brands

Features at a glance
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Password leak warnings

Complete sensitive data management

High risk account prioritisation

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Automated account verification

Employee incident reporting

Daily emailed threat summary

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Interactive employee portal

Continuous monitoring

Analyst workflow

Learn more about Trillion:

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