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Trillion HarVista provides cybercrime activity insights to your desktop quickly and securely.

If you’re concerned about stolen user credentials impacting the security of your environment, then Trillion Breach is the solution for you, but if you need broader and deeper visibility into cybercrime activity and discussions, we would like to introduce you to Trillion HarVista.​​

HarVista builds on the knowledge we have collectively gained over many years of monitoring and tracking crime groups, and has been developed into a powerful tool to give our customers secure search capabilities across a broad range of discussions forums and chat channels.

Trying to manually determine if your organisation or key personnel are the target or victim of cybercrime can be a slow and hazardous endeavour. Knowing where to look, getting the access you need and trawling through thousands of pages of potentially hostile content all bring challenges, but with HarVista those obstacles are removed in an instant.


HarVista enables security teams the power to search across closed cybercrime channels quickly and safely.


Lightning Fast

Using the latest search technology you can search through hundreds of thousands of posts in a matter of seconds.


Automatic Alerting

HarVista enables you to setup keyword alerts so that your team can get instantly notified when new discussion of interest are started.


Safe Searching

All user queries happen against our offline copies meaning that no search terms are left behind on hostile servers.


Data Pivoting

Users can easily pivot from researching discussions to researching posters with a single click.


Broad Reach

HarVista has access to a vast array of data sources, from closed forums to TOR Ransom sites to chat channels like Telegram.


Screen Capture

When HarVista collects data, where possible, it also takes screenshots of the original post giving you full context.

Learn more about Trillion HarVista:

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