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Crossword has worked with the Universities of Bristol, Warwick, Coventry, Surrey and City University London. Using our team of Engineers in London and Krakow, Crossword has brought two commercial products to market to date, Rizikon and Nixer, with more in the pipeline.

Crossword also has a full-service Cyber Security Consulting team that provides Strategy, Assessment and Risk Management Services. Find out more about our Cyber Security Consulting services.

Rizikon is an easy-to-use online Cyber Security risk assessment service that enables non-technical and technical managers to understand and reduce the cyber security related risk to their organisations. It also assesses an organisations readiness for the new Data Privacy regulations, GDPR, which have substantial implications for most organisations. Optionally it allows an organisation to easily apply for a Cyber Essentials accreditation. Find out more about Rizikon

Nixer is a machine-learning based product aimed at protecting against Application-layer DDoS attacks, which are notoriously difficult to detect using conventional threshold and signature based methods. It is available to commercial partners and service providers with exposure to Application-layer DDoS attacks. Find out more about Nixer.

Crossword admitted to AIM on the 14th of December 2018.