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Protect my Organisation's Technology and Infrastructure

Regardless of whether you're an SME or Enterprise organisation, protecting your company assets against threat actors, either directly, or through third parties in essential. Crossword Cybersecurity provides a range of products and services which are aligned to the NIST 2.0 stack, including the following which will enable you to protect your technology and infrastructure.


Key products and services to Protect your Organisation:

Cyber Transformation

Effective cyber transformation involves more than just implementing technology, it’s about managing the uncertainty resulting from change to your people, processes, and technology. Crossword’s prioritised, tailored, risk-based approach enables organisations to transform with confidence, capitalising on the benefits of change, while protecting your organisation and managing the risks.

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Arc - Credential Stuffing Protection

Arc is a product which improves B2C authentication security and reduce fraud attempts on your public facing applications with zero additional user friction. Instantly check your subscriber logins and signups against billions of already leaked user credentials from third party data breaches, protecting your organisation and customer base.

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Supply Chain Cyber

Supply Chain Cyber by Crossword Cybersecurity is an end-to-end offering, as a combination of cyber and regulatory expertise, managed services, and software solutions, to protect and mitigate third party risk in the supply chain. 

Enabling your organisation to become cyber resilient to third party breaches is our focus through a robust fully managed end-to-end process underpinned by our Standard Operating Model.

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Rizikon helps organisations take control of third-party risk with secure online Assessments in your own branded portal, 360 degree risk scorecards, a dashboard of the risk across all suppliers and a host of other features and standard questionnaires. The Rizikon platform is a modular integration within our Supply Chain Cyber service and allows organisations to gain a clearer picture on their supplier landscape through the portal.

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Custom Engineering Services

We have a strong track-record of creating whole software teams based at our offices that act as a software project team within the client organisation.  These are often Java-based projects which include a highly secure, technical back-end element. Our team specialises in architecture design and prototyping, and can work with clients in cutting edge custom projects to accelerate high-tech innovation. 

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Managed Services

Crossword’s Managed Cyber Security services ensure that your organisation identifies and mitigates cyber risks, understands its overall security posture and the effectiveness of systems and controls. The service provides 24/7 access to our team of cyber experts, should a breach occur, who will be able to respond faster and more efficiently with a preparedness project in place.​

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