Cyber Security Consulting

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Our team of expert cybersecurity consultants leverage years of experience in national security, defence and commercial cyber intelligence and operations. We provide the quality expected of a top tier Consulting house.

A – Team

Each of our consultants usually have 10+ years of working in Cybersecurity

Clear Communication

Ensuring that the language we use can be understood by both specialists and non specialists

Bespoke Solutions

We leverage our diverse client base to provide a custom service that aligns with your overall business objectives

Why clients come to us?


Changes in leadership often result in cybersecurity strategy reviews. We help organisations improve their cybersecurity in line with their overall business objectives.


After a breach, companies want reassurance that it has been contained and that they can adopt measures to reduce the likelihood of any future occurrences.


Our clients are often asked by their investors or their own clients to improve their cybersecurity posture. We help them achieve this to facilitate their future growth as a business.

Services we provide

We provide practical advice to help your organisation become more resilient to cyber attacks and align you to relevant industry standards and your industry peers.


A maturity assessment of how resilient your organisation is against Cyber attacks, with recommendations


Implementation of recommendations to make your organisation more resilient


Support and expert advice as required on an ongoing basis as an outsourced Virtual CISO service (vCISO)

We use industry leading scanning tools along with targeted testing to pinpoint where your vulnerabilities lie:


We work and share knowledge with your technical teams to help best protect your organisation


Our links with Universities enable us to keep up to date on the latest technology developments, associated threats and vulnerabilities


To assist you in rapidly fixing any issues

Our experienced Third Party Assurance & Risk team assesses and benchmarks your existing Third Party Assurance process and makes recommendations on how to improve efficiency, throughput, coverage and effectiveness.