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Meet our teams of experts

Our company values people and their expertise, experience and ideas.


Our team of expert cyber security consultants leverage years of experience in national security, defence and commercial cyber intelligence and operations. Our advice is always bespoke and tailored to your business needs and ambitions, providing a finely judged balance between security controls and enabling function for your information technology systems.

Product & Software development

Our Software Development and Product teams are based out of Richmond and Kraków. These teams report to Jake Holloway,  Chief Product Officer. The Product team has responsibility for fully released products in the areas of Product Management, Customer Support, Product Implementation & Customisation, Product Marketing and Pre-sales Support.  Our main product focus is currently Rizikon Assurance and Nixer, which looks at Credential Stuffing.
In Software development, we currently have teams of developers working on a range of products. We employ all levels of experience in the team from junior software developer to senior/lead developers. We play with Blockchain, Machine Learning, AWS, Kubernetes. Our tools of the trade are Java, Kotling and TypeScript. We all have Macbooks and IntelliJ-s. We work alongside our product team to co-operate with world-class universities from the UK, the US and Switzerland to help bring their innovations into the market.

Software Development

The Business Development team is headed by Sean Arrowsmith, Group Sales Director and is made up of experienced Business Development Managers and Sales Development Representatives who engage with our existing our potential clients and partners. A typical BDM has several years’ experience of selling cyber security or risk solutions. We have dedicated Sales development representatives who target new clients  and build a strong opportunity pipeline. There is also dedicated focus on building a pipeline through strategic partners and alliances.

Scientific advisory

This team provides valuable non-binding but expert guidance and advice based on our in-house expertise, to share knowledge and find strategic direction.

Business Operations

The ‘Ops’ team is headed up by our Chief Financial Officer, Mary Dowd. 
This team provides all the internal services required to make Crossword tick, such as finance, human resources, office & facilities management, project management, event management, commercial contract management, office administration and customer enquiries. 
The Ops team’s main goal is to be an enabler for the business. The tasks that come our way are many and varied, with multiple internal and external stakeholders and priorities that change frequently with the needs of our business. As Crossword continues to grow, our team is pivotal in preparing for the future, and spotting opportunities to make our services more effective and efficient continues to be the main focus.

Our locations

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Richmond, UK


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Kraków, Poland

Development Team

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