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Take control of your third-party risk and gain visibility of your suppliers

Rizikon Assurance is our secure, online system for improving third-party assurance and risk management.


Supplier assurance and risk management isn’t easy.  If you are finding it hard to manage too many supplier emails and files, can't create the reports you need, or are under pressure to on-board faster 

and attack the assurance backlog, then Rizikon Assurance is for you.


Take control of your third-party risk with 360 degree risk scorecards and compliance dashboards, through automated, secure and standardised questionnaires and increased visibility. 

Rizikon Assurance enables procurement, assurance and security teams to work together with third parties, and with the power to gather and analyse data quickly and securely.

Library of Questionnaires

Our growing library has the questionnaires you need, from On-boarding to Modern Slavery and a large range of popular cyber security questions.  All customisable with our Questionnaire Editor

Assurance Dashboards

From on-boarding to due diligence, see what you need to with our unique Risk Scorecards and Supply-chain Risk Dashboard. 

Keep everything in one place

Keep all the answers, conversations and files together in one secure auditable system, including a document repository of third party policies and certificates.


Gather cyber security information instantly with Darkbeam, or integrate credit risk data into your dashboards with Creditsafe

Automated Scoring & Reports

Questionnaires are easy-to-send, easy-to-complete, and easy-to-evaluate. Automated scoring and Scorecard generation cuts down the work required to go through a manual process.

Action Plans

Remediate issues and manage third party actions with a built-in action planner.


Contact us to discuss how Rizikon can help you

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