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Building supply chain cyber resilience against third party attacks

Time is of the essence when building supply chain cyber resilience, but knowing where to start can often be the biggest hurdle when supply chains are large or complex.

Add this to an environment of tightening regulation, coupled with a bewildering array of frameworks and guidance, it can all seem like a huge task with no clear starting point. However, as attacks through third party suppliers gain more headlines, it’s an essential process of remaining cyber secure.

Find out from Stuart Jubb - Group Managing Director, and Laura Greenwood - Associate Director Third Party Risk, from Crossword Cybersecurity how to actively mitigating risk through third party suppliers to protect your business against potential supply chain cyber security threats.

● Find out how vulnerabilities in the supply chain can leave you exposed

● The regulations you need to adhere to across industries to remain supply chain cyber compliant

● Why securing your supply chain against cyber threats is a business wide, not just IT, issue

● How to become more cyber resilient in your supply chain

This webinar was originally recorded through PMI Live in September 2023


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