Cyber Security Consulting

Cyber Security Consulting

Our team of expert cyber security consultants leverage years of experience in national security, defence and commercial cyber intelligence and operations. Our advice is always bespoke and tailored to your business needs and ambitions, providing a finely judged balance between security controls and enabling function for your information technology systems.

Cybersecurity Strategy and Risk Mitigation

Our team of former national security and senior industry experts work with boards and risk committees to raise awareness and understanding of evolving cyber threats and how they can impact your organisation. By analysing cyber risk, we can help formulate a tailored Cyber Security Strategy, which is aligned with the business risk profile.

This can properly inform and support other practical business processes, such as business continuity planning and physical security management. We ensure cyber security advice is a business led objective, tailored to your business objectives.

Assurance & Governance

For legal or regulatory reasons, or to reassure your clients you take their data seriously, you may wish to adopt one of the UK cyber security standards, such as Cyber Essentials, Cyber Essentials Plus, or the IASME Governance standard. If you operate internationally, you may also be considering ISO 27k series, the SANS 20 Critical Security Controls, or the US NIST standard.

Our team are experienced in offering advice as to which is most appropriate for you, we can also assess against them, helping you understand any work you may need to carry out to address your concerns and achieve your cyber goals.

Cybersecurity Assessment & Audit

Using our Cyber Security Assessment model, we are able to provide an assessment on how your organisation is currently protected against cyber attack. We translate technical analysis into clear and pragmatic advice and actions, to be used as the basis of an cyber security implementation plan.

Cybersecurity Transformation

If on assessment you find you’re not where you want to be, Crossword consultants will work with you to put an implementation plan together. Cyber security is about people and process, as much as technology. Our impartial advisors will suggest appropriate technical controls for your organisation and help you integrate them with your other business functions. The end result will be a step change from the start point.

System Security Design and Review

If you’re planning any upgrades or changes to your system, you’ll want to be assured that security is considered from the outset and avoid costly changes and delays down the line. Whatever stage of development and implementation, you’re at Crossword can offer advice and guidance about how to ensure your changes are planned, installed and configured with cyber security in mind.