Third Party Assurance

Third Party Assurance

Managing risks across your Third Parties has never been more important, as many recent high profile breaches and fines have demonstrated. Third Party risk areas include:



It is important to have a thorough understanding of where the risks across your supply chain exist and having a plan to mitigate them, even before onboarding a supplier. We carry out a range of THIRD PARTY ASSURANCE AUDITS which are based on the level of risk that your supplier carries.


Portfolio Companies

You may have a subsidiary or a company within your investment portfolio and are unaware of what cyber-security controls they have in place, or where the risks to your business lie.


Mergers and Acquisitions

For Private Equity or Venture Capital houses, or companies growing through acquisition, it is important to understand the level of cybersecurity within any company you are looking to invest in. We conduct pre or post deal CYBER DUE DILIGENCE, so you are aware of the cyber maturity of any pending acquisition, enabling you to mitigate any risks ASAP.