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Supply Chain Cyber: streamline your third party risk management

Supply Chain Cyber by Crossword Cybersecurity 

is an end-to-end product of cyber and regulatory 

expertise, managed services, and software 

solutions to protect and mitigate third party 

risk in the supply chain. 

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Cyber Focused Third Party Risk Assurance

Cybersecurity first is the approach to Supply Chain Cyber, ensuring that at the very heart of your third party risk assurance programme is the expertise of our cybersecurity specialists and platforms. Assisting your organisation in being cyber resilient to third party breaches is our focus through a robust fully managed end-to-end process, which includes a unique set of processes through our Standard Operating Model.

Adheres to regulatory requirements

As regulation and policy becomes increasingly focused in ensuring that supply chain is secure, we understand the importance and immediacy of ensuring that you are following directives and frameworks within the regulatory space. Supply 

Chain Cyber enables you to be fully compliant through using our platform and services. 

(Graphic to the side on regulations).

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Supplier Chain Cyber Standard Operating Model

Crossword’s unique Supply Chain Cyber Standard Operating Model (SCC SOM) has been specifically designed to meet an organisation’s cybersecurity framework and supply chain resilience obligations. The SCC SOM provides the basis for a simple to use set of controls, processes and tools, along with a range of services, to reduce and manage cybersecurity risks.

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