Dr Paul Galwas, Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Paul Galwas joins from Digital Catapult, a technology and innovation centre backed by government, where he has shaped multiple national cyber security policy and research strategies, worked on BSI security standards and has previously led a number of collaborative research projects. Over 20 years, at nCipher, Secerno and Cellcrypt, Paul worked on privacy, trust and identity, digital asset protection and sharing, IoT & distributed ledger security, secure payment systems, and with various UK and US Government agencies on classified mobile security.

Paul was an early member of the Open Group Jericho Forum, and the Trusted Computer Group. He also collaborates with European Association of Research and Technology Organisations (EARTO), Open Group, the Internet Security Forum (ISF) and the IoT Security Foundation (IoTSF). Additionally, he developed early Wi-Fi technologies and mobile handheld systems after spearheading 3D modelling and realistic imaging.

Dr. Galwas has a PhD and MA in Natural Science from the University of Cambridge.