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Manage your assurance activities and policies in one combined view

Rizikon Strategy brings systematic control and automated orchestration to your assurance and risk management processes.


If you’re seeking a more defined and systematic approach to managing your assurance activity, Rizikon Strategy can deliver this with a new policy-driven set of functionality.


This module also includes a Policy Manager to give structure to your approach of a risk-based, systematic and scalable policy for continual assurance that captures the various requirements from regulations and other strategic objectives.


With a defined policy consisting of categorised supplier groups and a range of different assurance methods, from questionnaires to approval requests, Rizikon Strategy allows you to strategically define your assurance requirements for third parties in an auditable and controlled way, while also helping to drive the process with the assurance planner.


Additionally, use the Assurance Planner to automate execution of your policy with a detailed, day-by-day task list to be tracked and optimised for your workload availability. Use task management features such as automated task scheduling and  automated task execution to make managing your suppliers easy.


Rizikon Strategy enables a systematic, risk based and automated approach to third party risk management.

Assurance Policy

Define a policy-driven approach to your assurance processes, ensuring that third parties are processed based on their risk and compliance requirements

Assurance Groups

Categorise third parties by common assurance requirements and group together for easy management at scale.

Assurance Task Automation

Keep track of assurance tasks as they are automatically generated from the Policy rules, and optimise for a manageable, efficient and highly automated process.

Continual Assurance

With calendar views for assurance activities, both plan ahead and track past actions to make continual assurance easy, at a regular cadence.

Assurance Methods

Configure various different assurance tasks that you perform, from questionnaires to approval requests, for Rizikon to capture an end-to-end process.


Track the activity of your assurance process with ease, and demonstrate adherence to a systematic, measurable process, from start to finish.


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