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Gain actionable insights and intelligence on your assurance and risk management processes.

Rizikon BI delivers actionable intelligence and insights to your assurance and risk management processes.


If you need to enhance the value of the data you already collect with Rizikon by measuring changes over time, having targeted reporting dashboards and being able to compare organisations and Assurance Groups, then Rizikon BI is for you.


Rizikon BI is an enterprise grade reporting module for Rizikon which enables powerful insights to your customer responses with our powerful out-of-the-box dashboards and reports. Turn data into actionable intelligence with historical trends of assurance, compliance and risk information


Rizikon BI enables detailed reporting on assurance data in the system, allowing for powerful insights and historical trend analysis.

Trend data

See assurance and risk information trends over time to inform your decision making and control risk.

Risk Dashboards

View reports on single organisations, across a whole assurance group, or compare suppliers with four standard risk dashboards, each providing risk and compliance data and insights.

Powerful Insights

Gain insight into the risk position of your whole supplier base, or drill down into specific assurance groups for more targeted reporting

Supplier Analysis

Measure and report back on policy and plan KPIs, allowing you to optimise your process around risk and compliance levels.

Exportable Data

Use the risk dashboards to set filters and timelines on the data you want to find, and also have access to that exported data for further analysis.


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