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Ransomware readiness

Ransomware is the biggest threat organisations face. We provide a ransomware readiness assessment to help reduce your risk of attack.

We provide a full insight into your ransomware readiness by examining all aspects of a real-world attack and identifying how likely it would be to succeed.

Exposure assessment

Identify, qualify, and understand the specific weaknesses in your organisation that ransomware attacks exploit.

Controls assessment

Evaluate your current security measures against typical ransomware attack mechanisms which exploit, bypass and evade weak security controls.

Response assessment

Explore your response capabilities to a real-world ransomware attack scenario to determine the effectiveness of your containment and recovery strategy.

Fresh out of university, I bounced from role to role and struggled to find a strong foothold into working life due to my lack of professional experience. Crossword took a chance and offered me an opportunity to demonstrate my strengths and abilities. This is a company where management cares about their employees - embodied by the flexible and results driven culture - which has supported me personally and enabled me to develop and refine my skills, whilst growing professionally as a consultant.

Laurence Lui

Senior Consultant, CIS LI

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