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Nixer Cyber ML

Nixer CyberML allows Organisations

to incorporate Credential Stuffing and ATO Detection and Remediation into your applications

Crossword Cybersecurity provides code libraries and Consulting Services to help you protect your Users, Customers and yourselves from Fraud and Data Breach.  We’ll provide progressive, intelligent protection against Credential Attacks and provide you with a road map towards eliminating ATOs!


Using the free Nixer anti-credential stuffing plug-in means:


Your application can ‘know’ when a credential stuffing attack is under way - and switch on 2FA or CAPTCHAs and/or disable high-risk functions while alerting the Cyber team

Your application can log which Users logged in while a credential stuffing attack happened, and flag for additional attention by Service or Fraud teams, or automatically remove high-risk privileges

Your application can monitor 500M stolen credentials, and advise Users not to re-use any compromised passwords

Your Cyber Team could have additional application controls to create white-lists and black-lists based on IP characteristics or http headers

You now have the right architecture for improved User Behaviour Analytics within your application, and can build your own remediations around this core - see the Nixer architecture {link}

Crossword can now (optionally) work with you to use more advanced methods to detect successful ATOs – interacting with the Nixer plug-in 


Credential Stuffing

Learn more about credential stuffing attacks

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Visit Github now to download Nixer for free or contact us for a Chat!

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