Rizikon Assurance

Third-party Assurance

Large organisations are increasingly under pressure to improve their management of Third-party Risk and to do more Third-party Assurance. This is coming from Internal Risk & Compliance, Boards and Regulators. And now GDPR is driving Third-party data privacy related obligations.

  • They need to do more Assessments, more often, more quickly – and to report Assurance KPIs
  • Existing Third-party Assurance process is being stretched – PDF, paper and email approaches struggle to scale, have low security, are not easily audited and don’t centrally collect assessment data, commentaries and evidence

Rizikon Assurance is designed to help organisations manage Third-party Assurance at scale. With it you can;

  • Easily issue secure online questionnaires to suppliers and third-parties – hosted on the cloud as a fully managed SAAS service , or on your own infrastructure
  • View the status of suppliers against organisational and reference standards such as Cyber Essentials, DCPP, NIST cyber supplier maturity, ISO 27001
  • Manage assessments, assessment expiration, authorisations, follow-ups
  • Use the automated scoring and rating algorithms available in Rizikon Assurance to quickly automatically assess Third-parties, to guide your Assessors in making their final decisions
  • Use your existing questionnaires and develop and roll-out new ones rather than take something off-the-shelf and not directly relevant to your relationship with the third-party