Nixer | Machine-learning DDoS protection

Nixer is a next generation DDoS protection platform focused exclusively on protecting the web layer of critical online services.

Using next generation machine learning techniques and highly scalable architecture, Nixer blends innovative research from UK universities and cutting edge technology. Nixer provides an ultra low latency and highly resilient solution for application-layer (layer 7) protection.

Deployed via virtual appliance, physical server or private/public cloud, Nixer provides an intelligent solution for the problem of multi-approach, rotating application-layer attacks on live services.

Nixer 1.0 Features

  • Protection from application (Layer 7) DoS/DDoS attacks
  • Traffic Classification (White/Grey/Black)
  • Proof of Work Challenge Response for Grey Traffic
  • Advanced Visualisation of Traffic Data
  • Protection against: Slowloris, Hulk, LOIC, HOIC, Switchblade, DNS amplification, SSLrenegotiation, HTTP POST/GET
  • Auto scaling using Google Kubernetes orchestration


  • Lightweight reverse proxy means minimal impact on live traffic
  • Highly and automatically scalable
  • Machine-learning identifies new attacks in 60 seconds or less
  • Nixer Cloud Service can provide updated attack profiles from other known attack methods meaning that learning of new methods is shared across Nixer implementations
  • APIs to make integration into different environments straightforward

Nixer 1.0 is currently available to partners

Crossword are looking for Industry Partners with complex or critical Application-layer DoS/DDoS problems – the more challenging the better. Once a partnership is agreed, Crossword will provide full engineering and implementation support to work with the Partner to achieve the technical and commercial goals – starting with a proof of concept in the Partner’s test and then live environment.