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Invitation to participate in new product development


Crossword Cybersecurity PLC and the University of Glasgow are inviting businesses to participate in the development of an innovative product in the privacy governance space. 

The aim is to give businesses the opportunity to shape a new product that would address their current challenges in managing data privacy and protection.


As a knowledge transfer company, Crossword Cybersecurity PLC has a track record of working with research intensive universities and industry partners to advance solutions for cyber-security and third-party risk management software.

There are 2 phases in this project where you can get involved:

Phase 1 -


Crossword Cybersecurity PLC and the University of Glasgow have identified the set of activities undertaken by various roles within your company, and their associated risks for non-compliance with privacy regulations.  

To confirm that this is an accurate representation of these risks encounter within these role, we would like to get more insights from individuals working in any of these areas:

  • Sales Executive or Manager

  • Marketing Executive or Manager

  • Consultant or Manager

  • Project and/or Product Manager

  • Financial Manager

  • HR Professional or Manager

  • Procurement Professional or Manager

  • Software Developer or Manager

  • Low/No-Code Developer

  • SysAdmin, DBA, Dev/Ops 

  • Chief Information Officers

  • Customer Service Professional

  • Data Privacy Professional or Manager, DPO

There are 2 ways of helping us in this phase:

Answering a short questionnaire

We are exploring data privacy governance from two different perspectives.


1 - We would like to find out more about the challenges faced by a DPO when designing and implementing privacy governance policies/frameworks 

Having a one to one session 

Alternatively and/or in addition to the questionnaire, we would invite you to a 30min, 60min or 90min feedback session depending on your availability. Here, we will be seeking to:

  • Verify the findings in our model

  • Understand whether this role-based approach could be useful to your company 

  • Understand what tools or processes you are currently using to help you manage data privacy



Your input will be key to determining which data privacy problems our product will solve and ensure that our solution is robust and effective. 

2 - To complete the picture we would also like to understand what are the challenges and risks for the rest of the areas of the organization. ie: Sales, Marketing, HR, Finance, Software Development, Customer Service, etc.

Phase 2 -

Validate if our product would work for you

Following the Discovery Phase and with the help of your feedback, we will define our product concept and design an initial, high level prototype.  
If you would like to remain engaged in the development of this project, we would once again invite you to contribute to the validation phase. At this latter stage, we would be seeking to understand whether the concept would add real value to your company, or how you think it could be improved to do so. 

If you like to join us or get more information, please contact us:

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