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Helping CISOs with the deep strategic thinking with innovation

In the Strategy and Collaboration report we released last year, we looked at how CISOs are stuck in ‘firefighting mode’ and don’t have the bandwidth to assess the cyber security landscape for the next two to three years as threats evolve.

Speaking to Proactive, Stuart Jubb, Group Managing Director at Crossword Cybersecurity reflects on how Crossword’s business has evolved over the past few years to assist CISOs with the strategic thinking and how this has been incorporated into the product roadmap.

Most recently we have launched the Supply Chain Cyber solution, which uses a sophisticated data analytics engine in Rizikon to manage supply chain risk. As supply chains become more complex and interwoven into key systems and data, companies find it very difficult to understand where that risk lies. Stuart explains how that with Supply Chain Cyber, the instantaneous nature of the solution allows CISOs to allocate resources to high risk suppliers and to identify threats before they become a problem.

Listen to the full interview below.


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