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Crossword Cybersecurity launches Supply Chain Cyber to improve resilience against third party risk

Supply Chain Cyber is an end-to-end suite of cyber and regulatory expertise, managed services and software solutions that revolutionises cyber risk management in the supply chain.

Time is of the essence when building supply chain resilience, but knowing where to start can often be the biggest hurdle when supply chains are large or complex. Add this to an environment of tightening regulation, coupled with a bewildering array of frameworks and guidance, it can all seem like an insurmountable task.

Supply Chain Cyber, Crossword Cybsecurity’s newest solution, provides a clear route for customers to identify the right requirements for their business – cutting through the complexity and reducing cyber risk.

The new approach enables organisations to rapidly and radically improve their cyber resilience against third party incidents and breaches through a robust and cohesive methodology. This innovative approach will be fundamental in understanding and mitigating the ever-growing risks to their business from supply chain cyber attacks.

Solving the biggest challenge of knowing where to start, Crossword has developed a ground-breaking Supply Chain Cyber Standard Operating Model (SCC SOM) based on best practices, which provides a complete toolkit to reduce and manage cybersecurity risk. The solution is scalable and simple to use, comprising controls, methodology, tooling, and fits any industry.

The SCC SOM consists of six modular areas, each customised to the needs of each organisation, and is supported by a wealth of expertise in cybersecurity, supply chain, IT, governance, risk and compliance:

● Strategy & Appetite

● Framework

● Processes

● People & Culture

● Governance & Reporting

● Tooling

Supply Chain Cyber is also fully underpinned by our Rizikon Assurance platform, enabling customers to automate third-party risk management with secure online assessments, 360 degree risk scorecards, and intelligent BI reporting.

This solution is the latest release from Crossword’s established consultancy practice, which combines a wealth of practical experience helping clients to meet their cybersecurity needs.


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