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Case study: How the Spanish CCN deployed Trillion for national cyber risk visibility

CCN-CERT rapidly enhanced the cybersecurity security position of its national health infrastructure by implementing Trillion at every health organisation across Spain during the Covid-19 pandemic.


The Information Security Incident Response Team (CERT) of the National Cryptologic Centre (CCN) in Spain is accountable to the Spanish National Intelligence Centre. The CCN-CERT ensures protection from cyber- attacks on classified systems and systems belonging to Public Administrations, and its mission is to strengthen cybersecurity in Spain.


Trillion provides organisations with the ability to monitor in atomic detail the spread and scale of data leaks on dark markets which could lead to system compromises through the use of stolen credentials from 3rd party applications.


In March 2020, during the height of the Covid-19 outbreak CCN-CERT identified the need to act immediately in order to further enhance the security position of its national health infrastructure.

Javier Candau, the head of the cybersecurity department at CCN contacted the Trillion operations team after our global offer of support to help protect health services during the pandemic. Within a matter of hours, the team at CCN was given access to Trillion, every health organisation across Spain was configured and rich contextualised beached credentials data was being fed back into the CERT.

This rapid result was possible because a highly organised national CERT team had the vision and leadership to act decisively in a time of need and they placed their trust in a solution which was ready to operate at depth and scale. It is a perfect example of what can be done when cybersecurity teams form true partnerships.

Trillion remained in place continually locating and delivering details of leaked data over the following months at massive scale. Meanwhile the teams both at Crossword and CCN-CERT began collaborating on enhancements to Trillion’s API’s which would enable its data feeds to imbed deeper into CCN-CERT advanced threat detection capabilities.


After a period of successful operation across the health sector CCN-CERT decided that a wider scope for Trillion would provide greater visibility and asked us to expand coverage to the entire public administration of Spain, including its education sector.

Crossword continued to collaborate with CERT and designed new features which would enable them to extend the use of Trillion to local departments and organisations while still maintaining a central, national view within the CERT. At this scale it was critical that Trillion was able to deliver the data both locally and nationally when it mattered.

Trillion was rolled out with the new capabilities and over the following weeks CCN-CERT invited hundreds of local authorities, municipalities, town halls and central government departments to come on board using simple automated signups which took a matter of minutes.


Trillion is proven to operate at scale for organisations who are concerned about the potential impact of stolen credentials from 3rd party data breaches and provides the following benefits:

  • Massive Scale: Monitoring for credentials belonging to dozens or hundreds of domains can be initialised in minutes

  • Multi-tenancy: Trillion’s architecture enables provisioning at a local level with parent or supervisor-like drilldowns for CERT teams

  • APIs: Trillion has rich APIs enabling CERT teams to integrate with existing systems to reduce analyst time

  • Privacy: We enable your teams to work with the data in a safe environment without compromising the trust of your users and peers.

  • Clarity: Trillion enriches data with assessments of accuracy and impact saving you valuable analyst cycles

  • Instant on: Automated user enrolment and in-application configuration means you can start protecting even the largest environments, fast!


Crossword considers CCN-CERT a true business partner and we learn as much from their feedback on our products as they do from our data, and we continue to listen and enhance Trillion to support the needs of organisations operating at the top of their game. We’re just getting started and there is much more to come.

Trillion is designed to support organisations of every scale, from small businesses to large enterprises, Managed Service Providers and National CERTs.

You can find out more about Trillion here.


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