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The directors of Crossword are delighted to announce the appointment of Gordon Matthew as non-executive director. Since 2010, Mr. Matthew has undertaken a number of non-executive roles and interim executive roles.

He is currently the Non-Executive Chairman of Intrinsic Technology Ltd. (from October 2011) and m-hance Ltd (from April 2014). His executive roles have included interim CEO at Comtec Europe Ltd in 2010/2011 and, more recently, interim CEO at m-hance Ltd (2014).

Previously, Mr. Matthew served as Chief Executive Officer of Azzurri Communications Limited and was responsible for ensuring that it met its financial and growth targets. Mr. Matthew served as the Chief Executive Officer of Ramesys (later RedSky IT) Holdings Limited. He was responsible for the successful turnaround, growth and exit of the business through 2 significant transactions in December 2005 and January 2007.

Mr. Matthew has over 20 years’ IT experience. He has broad experience of software applications, services, large bespoke developments and telecommunications. He also spent five years at Software AG (UK) where he oversaw all aspects of product and service delivery.

Mr. Matthew began his career as a Programmer at Logica before moving into Project Management and General Management in 1988. He then spent 8 years at AT&T Istel where he latterly served as Operations Director in the Manufacturing Division. Mr. Matthew holds an honours degree in Computer Science from the University of Strathclyde.

Mr Matthew has held the following directorships during the past five years:

Current Directorships/Partnerships

  1. Trend Management Services

  2. m-hance Group Ltd

  3. m-hance Ltd

  4. m-hance Inc

  5. m-hance Cloud software solutions Ltd

  6. m-hance Holding Ireland Ltd

  7. MDMSI Ltd

Past Directorships/Partnerships

  1. Calyx Managed Services

  2. Intrinsic Technology Holdings Ltd

  3. Bright International Training Ltd

Mr Matthew owns no Ordinary shares in the Company but will be granted 5,000 share options.

The Directors accept responsibility for this statement.


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