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Security advisory: Increased threat level from Russian cyber warfare

Following the escalation in the conflict in Western Ukraine, the Russian government and their proxies are using numerous new methods to attack. The escalation in cyberwarfare has seen a number of Ukraine government and critical infrastructure sites come under DDOS and potential Ransomware attacks.

The issue for companies in the UK is that the successful attacks on the Ukraine mean that nodes and devices can be compromised and used as command and control centres to infect companies in the countries that are seen by Russia as aggressors, such as the UK.

We are aware of the potential for attacks and our cyber analysts and cyber engineers have increased our threat intelligence indicators to be more sensitive to potential malware and DDOS origins. We have seen an increase in reconnaissance scanning, which is often a precursor to potential DDOS attacks.

The NCSC and other government agencies across the globe have recommended that companies harden their cyber security. Whilst this is always welcome news, this is difficult to do in a day. More practical things you can do today are:

  • Lessen your external footprint, such as services open to the internet like RDP servers

  • Improve staff awareness: remind your staff not to click on links, as the attacks will be destructive, and looking to cause damage rather than extort money

  • Make sure backups are up to date, and take a copy of them offline

We are continuing to monitor the situation closely and will be distributing further information as the situation develops.

If you have any questions or concerns please call us on 0203 880 0801


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