Blockchain-enabled documents

Crossword has partnered with the University of Warwick to create a smart document infrastructure to enforce automatic security classifications embedded within, and leveraging the properties of, blockchain infrastructures.

Crossword and the University of Warwick have also won a related contract through the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory’s (DSTL) Centre for Defence Enterprise to explore novel uses of blockchain enabled documents in military environments.

Using blockchain technology the solution will secure and control sensitive information that is disconnected from a central authorisation source, widely distributed across uncontrolled environments and used by multiple parties with differing security requirements.

The software infrastructure will offer fine grain control of sensitive information. Additionally, and most critically, it will include the ability to revoke access rapidly in a disconnected environment if the need arises.

Smart Documents is at the Proof of Concept stage of development and would benefit from working with one or two strategic Industry Partners, who in turn would receive favourable commercial terms. These partnerships could be within defence or intelligence, or wider information management sectors including payments, document management, paid content services and high-value IP protection and tracking.