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Nixer CyberML

Nixer is a java plug-in that enables your application to advise users on password selection by referencing breach data, and detect and intelligently react to credential attacks - meaning your application can selectively and progressively deal with suspect account takeovers without killing usability.

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Credential attacks - the facts


  • Credential stuffing and brute force attacks are a key weapon for Threat Actors, and are used in 4 out of 5 hacks that result in a data breach*. 

  • Credential stuffing attacks have grown over 250% in 2020**.  But just switching on blanket 2FA can kill your usability and transactions. 

  • Nixer gives you the ability to intelligently and progressively respond to attacks and suspected account takeovers.  (And a pathway to introducing Advanced User Behaviour based ATO detection if you want to go there!)

  • Our plug-in works for Java, but our Consulting team can provide Credential Attack & ATO Risk, Analytics and Remediation Services regardless of your tech stack.


*Verizon DBIR 2020

**Akamai 2020

What are Credential Stuffing Attacks?


Attackers can access billions of stolen user emails and passwords, and use automated attacks to find users either unaware of their password being available, or re-using passwords across different services.


Our Consultants can help you understand these attacks and the tools used to perform them, and Nixer helps you create an intelligent, progressive response inside your application.

How can Nixer CyberML help you?


Build advanced machine-learning into your applications to detect and react to credential attacks.  Later extend Nixer to combat fraud, insider threats or better understand and react to complex user behaviour


Create more secure
and intelligent SAAS products and services and deliver additional value to your Customers


Quickly and easily incorporate smart password advisory functions based on breached password lists, and/or flag suspect ATO accounts using our spring-based plug-ins

Nixer consists of code libraries that allow integration with Spring-based Java applications that can be optionally integrated into a cloud-base machine-learning engine - with a flexible architecture that stores and processes user events and behaviours.

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Learn more about Nixer, how easily you can implement it into your applications, what is credentials stuffing and how Nixer can help you protect your business against it.

Credential Stuffing

Find out what is credential stuffing and how hackers use it against organisations

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