Crossword Cybersecurity Webinars

Future Gazing – What might be the focus of the CISO in two years time?

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Crossword Cybersecurity Webinar #1

Thursday 25 June at 15:00

Future Gazing – What Might Be the Focus of the CISO in Two Years Time?

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It can tempting to just focus on the immediate challenges forced onto companies due to COVID-19, but Cyber practitioners who are able to balance the ‘Tactical’ decisions today, with strategic thinking, will be those who weather this storm with the most success.  One of the questions we are frequently asked, is ‘what placeholders should I be allocating some of my budget to in Year 3,’ or what are the future technology trends I should be thinking about.  Dr Robert Coles, Chair of Crossword’s Advisory Board and Chair of our Consulting Division hosts a panel discussion where top CISOs and Academics discuss their views.  Joining Robert are:

  • Professor Nick Jennings CB FRENG – Crossword Cybersecurity Advisory Board, formerly serving as the UK Government’s inaugural Chief Scientific Adviser for National Security from 2010 to 2015, providing independent scientific advice on issues of national security (full bio)
  • Ben De La Salle, ICA Consultancy and ex CISO at Old Mutual Wealth (
  • Phil Huggins, CISO Mentor Ltd and ex Group Head of Information Risk and Security, Prudential PLC (
  • Jake Holloway – Crossword Cybersecurity – Chief Product Officer
  • Panel Chairman – Dr Robert Coles- Advisory Board Chair and Consulting Chair, former Chief Information Security Officer of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and of the NHS (full bio)

Crossword Cybersecurity Webinar #2

Thursday 9th July at 15:00

Anatomy of a Credential Stuffing Attack

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What is a credential stuffing attack?  Why it is so popular?  What companies are usually targeted? A hacker perspective: step-by-step guide and presentation of attack tools used by crackers.  James Henry one of our Consulting Directors, Alan Lim a Penetration tester and Jan Broniowski from our development team discuss credential stuffing and how hackers go about using these techniques.


  • Jan Broniowski, Senior Software Architect;
  • Alan Lim, Senior Penetration Tester
  • James Henry, Consulting Director at Crossword Cybersecurity PLC

Crossword Cybersecurity Webinar #3

Thursday 16 July at 15:00

Live Demo of a Real-World Credential Stuffing Attack on Self-Hosted Application

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Here we present a demo of a credential stuffing attack which will allow professionals to visualise important metrics. We also suggest ideas for protection mechanisms. The session will share from the view of a web developer writing code to defend against these attacks and the attacker’s perspective from a pen testing viewpoint.

Presenters:  Jan Broniowski, Senior Software Architect and Alan Lim, Senior Penetration Tester at Crossword Cybersecurity PLC