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Credential Attacks Services

Crossword Cybersecurity have been investigating automated attacks ranging from DDoS to highly automated credential attacks for over five years - how to detect them and how to protect systems and users against them.

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Credential Stuffing & Account Takeovers

An almost unlimited volume of breached user name password combinations can be found on the web. These combined with using Web Proxies and Credential attack tools such as Snipr, SentryMBA and STORM make launching credential stuffing attacks easier and cheaper than ever. Which is exactly why Credential Attacks are the foundation of cybercrime – feeding the industrial hackers with the access rights and easily monetised Account Take Overs (ATOs) that they need. And what Credential Leaks are the biggest source of GDPR fines & complaints!

Services and Products

Crossword Cybersecurity have a suite of Consulting services designed to help our Customers fight back against
Credential Attacks. These four services can be taken independently or together depending on need. Additionally,
Crossword can implement changes to your applications to build-in resilience and response to these attacks, getting the
right balance between account security, user friction and UX complexity.

Our Process and how you benefit

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